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The Big Plastic-Bag-and-Film Problem 25

Updated On 04/30/2018  | Originally Published On 09/17/2015

Plastic film is basically everywhere, so let’s take a closer look at what it is and why it’s so important to dispose of it correctly.

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Is it OK to put plastic film in the recycling bin if it says “Please Recycle”, is marked #2 or #4, or is a plastic bag full of recycling?
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Out of all the materials that incorrectly end up at a MRF, plastic film is one of the most problematic. But we toss out so much plastic film each year — an estimated 380 billion plastic bags and wraps in the US alone, equal in weight to 1.6 million cars — that we need to recycle it somehow. Find out why it’s a problem and how you can help!

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  • agnes n. 1 month ago
    what can i use if not plastic bags for cleaning cat litter boxes
  • Deborah B. 1 month ago
    It would be nice to ban this type of contaminate and replace it with products made from the Yucca plant.
  • Becky T. 6 months ago
    I am assuming that film negatives would be included in this category? I have been purging items in my home and want to dispose of my 35 mm film negatives. What is the best option and most environmentally friendly?
  • Robyn P. 7 months ago
    I will find a location near me to recycle my bags. Before Target closed in Macon, GA, they had a bin in which to recycle plastic bags.
  • Lisa B. 7 months ago
    Good information
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