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The 5 Most Basic Rules For Recycling Right

Recycling rules may vary from city to city, but you can count on these quick and easy tips to help you recycle right no matter where you call home.

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recycle their newspapers rather than sending them to the landfill
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The 5 Most Basic Rules For Recycling Right
Thanks for reading! Do you have any go-to recycling rules of thumb to share? Tell us all about it in the comments below.
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  • Lorena R. 10 months ago
    My recycling center no longer takes misc plastics. So now I'm only recycling plastic water/soda bottles, aluminum and glass. I feel bad throwing other plastics in the trash.
  • Maureen M. 2 years ago
    I would suggest a different follow-up action for your members, since newspapers are becoming obsolete, and mixed paper has very little value currently. In our community, we have a drop-off bin for separated out white office paper (including shredded white office paper). This material still has value and can even be recycled domestically. I'm writing this on 11/30/19...who knows what the market will do at any point in the future :(
  • Daniel S. 2 years ago
    Can Tupperware be recycled?
  • Glenda F. 3 years ago
    I hate that we cant put glass jars in recycle bin.
  • Emeria O. 4 years ago
    this is so cool
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