Live Green and Earn Points


  • Marlene H. 2 months ago
    There. Is a. Great. Deal too. Learn. And be. Awarded. For. Your. Knowing. About. Receylable items
  • Iris I. 2 months ago
    I love some of the choices you have as answers...#3..Bury it deep underground!! Cracked me up!
  • NAncy Lee B. 2 months ago
    Check out if you have a local buy nothing group on facebook. This is fairly localized and people have to pick up or meet elsewhere with an agreement. You can say a table , some scratched but sturdy, a dated but working lamp, a baby of children boy clothes size, etc. and add a pic. Often someone is willing to collect although it does work a bit better in urban situations people have needs everywhere. This is especially helpful for larger items or if you can't transport to a drop-off.
  • Katie Kasoff F. 2 months ago
    my daughters school recently joined a reuse program where we can drop off textiles. they weigh it and give the school ten cents a pound. useable stuff is distributed to those in need within the community. unusable goods are broken down and recycled, reused, etc.
  • S C. 3 months ago
    oops. I over thought that last question. I think it's good to call donation stores if you have good furniture or appliances that still work but maybe are a little out dated or maybe a scratch or ding but usable. Some one could still find use for those items especially if they are " income challenged", single parent, "20 something aged" college student, etc. not being able to afford "brand" new items. Also, if you belong to a close neighborhood group that meets regularly, you could put out the info that you have items available for free or maybe get a few $$ for them for upcoming pet food, birthday, or add to your rainy day fund needs. Every little bit helps and keeps good stuff out of our landfills. Thanks, SC
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