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Sustainable Spring Cleaning

By Recyclebank |

The return of sunnier, longer days has us all ready to get the house clean and organized. Here’s how you can do it more sustainably.

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Household hazardous waste (HHW) like paint cans or harsh chemicals can’t go out with your normal trash collection.
Bulk waste collections are the perfect time to dispose of larger household items like furniture or old appliances.
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We all know a little bit of elbow grease goes a long way, but a reliable plan of action can also ensure that all that work doesn’t end up leading to more stuff getting shoved down into a landfill!

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Whether your household does a deep clean every spring, or it’s something you’ve been putting off for years, here are some ways to get junk out of the house AND keep it out of a landfill.


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  • Lauren H. 22 hours ago
    Hey, I'ma be this person. Please actually DO NOT donate your clothes, unless they are nice clothes in very good condition. The majority of the clothes that are donated (at least in the US) aren't any kind of quality to be resold, and wind up being shipped across the world to Africa or South Asia, which burns fossil fuels through shipping, harms local economies by putting local clothing makers/sellers out of business, replaces local traditional dress with poorer quality western clothes, and then a good chunk of it still winds up being tossed as garbage just in a poorer country.
    Tear old clothes up for cleaning rags, hand them down to friends and relatives, or just throw them away in your own country, thanks.
  • tommy b. 7 days ago
  • Audrey N. 8 days ago
    I read the last question wrong but knew the answer.
  • chris d. 10 days ago
    I practice recycle everyday.
  • michele b. 11 days ago
    What happened to the "Qustion of the day"?
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