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Step Up Your GHG Vocab. Do It For Mom. 40

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Find a way to care for Mother Earth this Mother’s Day. Learning some common and oft-confusing terms about greenhouse gases is a great place to start.
Step Up Your GHG Vocab. Do It For Mom.
Thanks for reading! Do you have other ideas about how to care for Mother Earth this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.
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Here are some ideas on how to put this knowledge to work for Mother’s Day.

1. Ask your florist about locally or regionally grown flowers, as well as flowers that are currently in season. This encourages florists to buy locally and doesn’t rely on the shipping of flowers from far-off places.

2. If you live close by, take your mom on a stroll through your local park. Share the beauty around you without being distracted by driving.

3. Again, if your mother lives near you, you can show how much she means to you by making her a home-cooked meal rather than going out to eat.

4. If your mom is far away, send her a card made of recycled paper, or send her an interactive e-card, which doesn’t need to be shipped.

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  • Danielle C. 1 month ago
    Not that this is exactly "recycling" (although, it can be!), this is for the critters on Mother Earth during the winter season...I like to half-bury some containers in my yard in the winter, and also I like to toss all the sticks and branches in one pile, and stack some logs and other things to act as some barriers and temporary safe-spots for cold animals to hide during extreme weather... It keeps the raccoons from trying to get into the garage, it gives the squirrels a place to hide from the hawks when looking for their nuts, and all that other stuff... Sometimes they need a place to duck out on the fly. Help them out!
  • Rajat C. 1 month ago
    Switch off lights when going to sleep.
  • Jo C. 1 month ago
    Reducing the amount of burning fossil fuels
  • Roberta C. 2 months ago
    Loving my son doing it, learning and helping his school achieve their target :)
  • Jae V. 2 months ago
    My mother used to make her own trash bags back in the 70 's out of old newspaper and her sewing machine.
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