Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lee M. 2 months ago
    save wash water in sink while cooking to quickly rinse cans and let them dry while eating . ready to go in recycle.
  • Floyd G. 3 months ago
    Some good ideas for using recycled metal containers, especially the idea of a pen holder!
  • Rita H. 3 months ago
    I like to use the lids of tin cans and cover with decorated paper and make Christmas ornaments. Very cute you can also put a picture on them and give them away for presents!
    • Bev P. 1 month ago
      If you buy canned biscuits or croissants etc. Pull the metal rounds off the ends and use for that. Is it still safe to make thumbprint ornaments?
  • Nicole U. 4 months ago
  • Sandra G. 4 months ago
    Our area has a recycler who will come to your house and haul off scrap metal for free. He sells it and gives you half. Our family acted like a scavenger hunt running around finding old curtain rods, bent buckets, nails, etc. it's amazing what is in the garage. He even took a non-working lawn mower and tiller.
    Check your local phone book for a hauler.
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