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Start The New Year With Healthy Metal Habits 30

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Make a resolution for the planet this New Year. This quiz provides some eco-friendly tips to improve habits of buying, using, and recycling metal.

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Great job! You get a gold star (as long as you promise to reuse it). Got more thoughts on metal recycling and how to work around buying fewer items? Share ‘em below!

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Commit To Caring About Metal

New Year’s resolution #1: Buy less. Metal comes in many forms, so it’s easy to accumulate excess hangers, holiday decorations, kitchen cutlery, and other common household products. To avoid clutter, sort though your current inventory into what can be recovered, and what can be recycled.

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  • PATRICIA D. 14 hours ago
    I'm curious about recycling medicine bottles
  • Heather B. 1 day ago
    Upcycling’s great...but you can only upcycle so much in one household. Look for a metal recycling facility in your area, where you can take items that are not accepted by your hauler. You can earn a little bit of money per pound. If you don’t want to drive it yourself, you can post on freecycle that you have free scrap metal and usually find someone with a pickup truck who’s interested to come get the scrap metal and take it off your hands for free, so they can earn a little money at a metal recycling facility.
  • Rebecca G. 3 days ago
    Can aerosol spray cans be recycled?
  • Lillie S. 5 days ago
    Blanche d.
    I think you could recycle medicine bottles. They fit in one of those plastic categories.
  • blanche d. 6 days ago
    Can medicine bottles be recycled?
    • Ellie B. 5 days ago
      they are usually a #5 recyclable. But I have discovered that #5 bins are hard to find. These items may need to be mailed to Gimme5, a company that processes these items.
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