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Start The New Year With Healthy Metal Habits 30

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Make a resolution for the planet this New Year. This quiz provides some eco-friendly tips to improve habits of buying, using, and recycling metal.

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Great job! You get a gold star (as long as you promise to reuse it). Got more thoughts on metal recycling and how to work around buying fewer items? Share ‘em below!

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Commit To Caring About Metal

New Year’s resolution #1: Buy less. Metal comes in many forms, so it’s easy to accumulate excess hangers, holiday decorations, kitchen cutlery, and other common household products. To avoid clutter, sort though your current inventory into what can be recovered, and what can be recycled.

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  • Floyd G. 18 days ago
    Some good ideas for using recycled metal containers, especially the idea of a pen holder!
  • Rita H. 1 month ago
    I like to use the lids of tin cans and cover with decorated paper and make Christmas ornaments. Very cute you can also put a picture on them and give them away for presents!
  • Nicole U. 1 month ago
  • Sandra G. 1 month ago
    Our area has a recycler who will come to your house and haul off scrap metal for free. He sells it and gives you half. Our family acted like a scavenger hunt running around finding old curtain rods, bent buckets, nails, etc. it's amazing what is in the garage. He even took a non-working lawn mower and tiller.
    Check your local phone book for a hauler.
  • Sarah W. 2 months ago
    Awesome I love earning points!
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