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Should You Recycle Wrapping Paper? 5

By Recyclebank |

Wrapping paper is good for making your beloved feel special, but be sure to care for the earth too, and dispose of gift-wrap correctly.

Should You
Recycle Used
Wrapping Paper?
Most likely, yes ...

As long as it's not
metallic, but check
with your hauler
to be sure.


Before putting it in the bin, make sure your wrapping paper is free of non-paper adornments such as ribbon and bows.

One way to extend the life of your paper (while making gifts more personalized) is to wrap gifts with magazine pages or other paper you have lying around. Find some ideas here »

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  • Zach Van S. 2 months ago
    It makes good ribbons or
  • Jan Romano A. 2 months ago
    I have reused wrapping paper since I was young. My grandmother used to teach us how to open packages without ripping the paper. It wasn’t as much fun as a child, but as an adult I love it.
  • Inez B. 2 months ago
    very good ideas
  • Heather B. 3 months ago
    I save wrapping paper to reuse, as much as possible. I also have become a self-avowed Glitter-phobe. Glitter gets all over everything... and is being highly overused...on gift bags, greeting cards, wrapping paper, party decorations, etc., etc. I’ve seen glitter polluting checkoput conveyor belts, shopping cart handles, and all the non-glitter cards and envelopes. Shopping for any kind of greeting card you’ll find glitter all over all the envelopes and cards, on your hands, and your clothing after browsing cards (any cards, not just the ones with glitter designs on them). I never buy anything with glitter. At holiday time, I carefully open cards from others and peek inside to see if there is glitter. I then do not remove the card from the envelope. I label the outside of the envelope “glitter bomb” and it goes into the trash, which is sad, because it doesn’t get recycled. But, I got tired of finding glitter all over my desk and kitchen counter and knowing that it was likely getting ingested by my pets if it got on the floor and by my family if stray pieces of it weren’t caught (it’s very static and hard to wipe off things). I realized I was rinsing the glitter off my hands and sending the glitter to the sewer department, where they are not equipped to deal with it. Glitter is ending up in our oceans. Yes, I am a Glitter-phobe! I’ve written Hallmark about taking a responsible stance and discontinuoing the use of glitter on their products. Haven’t heard back...sadly, I don’t think they care ... as long as they sell product.
  • Barb R. 3 months ago
    Our hauler does not recycle wrapping paper..... I do however use it for crafts and such. I have never figured out why they don't take it here??
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