Live Green and Earn Points


  • Deborah W. 8 months ago
    Being careful.
  • Gina L. 9 months ago
    I watched our recycle truck empty the bins. If you carefully make sure no broken glass is placed into the your trash forget about it. The haulers in our area were breaking the glass in the trash so badly it was spitting out of the truck. I asked them about why they were not more careful. All I received was a funny look. I guess they are not paid to be safe with the recycle centers.
  • Mike A. 9 months ago
    Can non-broken glass be put in the recycle bin? The reason I ask is because I suspect any glass that goes in there, will most likely brake during transportation.
  • Janice M. 9 months ago
    Unless it has a recycle symbol it can't go in. Getting my answers on recycling.
  • Takiyah C. 9 months ago
    No someone can get hurt
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