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  • Shannon R. 7 months ago
    I always throw them in the garbage so I will double check with the hauler to see what they want me to do thanks
  • David S. 7 months ago
    Our hauler does not accept the plastic tops whether they are attached or not, so we rinse and donate them to a local art museum where they supply them for the kids to use when they create their art pieces.
    • Beverly Y. 7 months ago
      I do the same thing. Except I have a dear friend that is an art teacher. so i save lots of stuff for her. I encourage everyone to donate things like the bottle caps to either a local museum or find a local art teacher that would like to have them. My friend sends me pictures all the time of the things that they have made.
  • Sue L. 7 months ago
    I was told quite a while ago when recycling started to not leave the plastic caps on the bottles as they would get caught up in the machinery. I have been throwing them in the garbage for all this time. Does anyone recycle metal lids from glass jars? I've been tossing them in the garbage, too, but now wonder if I should stick them in recycling since they are metal. Anyone have an answer or idea on this? thanks!
  • JANET C. 7 months ago
    I was under the impression NOT to leave caps on bottles
  • Joan B. 8 months ago
    I NEVER leave caps on any bottles — for all the negative reasons listed by readers here
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