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Rules of Recycling

They’re more than just suggestions, they make the difference between whether or not materials get repurposed or banished to a landfill.

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recycle plastic instead of sending it to the landfill
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It’s okay to drop unaccepted materials into your recycling container. The waste hauler will sort it out later and throw away whatever they can’t use.
If your jar of peanut butter is almost empty — just a bit more stuck to the jar! — it’s okay to drop it in the recycling container.
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One thing to remember: some materials can still be recycled even when they’re not accepted at the curb. Look for collection sites and mail-in options for items like plastic bags and e-waste.

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The four most common household recyclables are paper, plastic, metal and sometimes glass. Your community probably accepts some combination of all of those materials, but to know for sure, contact your hauler or municipality. In the mean time, here are some general guidelines for you to check out.

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