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Review the Recycling Basics

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Recycling rules vary based on your local MRF’s rules, but you can still pick up some universal truths about basic recyclable materials. 

The 4 Basic Recyclable Materials
Check out the articles in our Eco Library for more info about recyclable materials. Let us know if you’ve got a specific recycling question in the comments below.
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  • dennis s. 1 month ago
    where I live the town stopped taking plastics 3-7. so now instead of tossing plastics away you have to find that little symbol to see the number. it can be annoying because they are hard to see and find sometimes. they stopped taking glass in the street pickup but you can take it to a drop off center. that is also added work. I have been recycling for 20 years. I hope it gets easier in the future.
  • Susan B. 1 month ago
    I wish there were fewer mixed materials used in packaging. For instance, the plastic coated foil seals on so many things from yogurt to cat food. If it were just plastic, it could be washed and put in with other plastic film and bags, and the foil ones can be washed and put in with other foil. Since size is an issue in the sorting facilities, I've wondered if it's best to save foil and combine it into a ball until it's big enough to be over the fist size our hauler wants as a minimum, or if that would be a problem in that it would be difficult to be sure such foil is clean.
  • Patricia G. 1 month ago
    I wish our city recycled glass
  • Mary P. 1 month ago
    can you recycle magazines with perfume inserts.
  • Shana H. 1 month ago
    I've been getting a lot of shrink wrapped packages; is it recyclable with plastic bags?
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