Live Green and Earn Points


  • Eileen B. 29 days ago
    Why 0 wind turbines in the answer on top of the quiz?
  • David C. 6 months ago
    I fill my PB jars with water & Dawn soap. Let soak overnight. PB just dissolves. Then water my grass with it.
  • Heather B. 7 months ago
    There’s always the issue of water usage to rinse recyclables, but is there really any other acceptable way? If you don’t clean items thoroughly, you risk contaminating other recyclables such as paper. Plus, no one seems to talk about it much, but unrinsed recyclables can attract bugs and rodents.
    • Kathy R. 7 months ago
      Research has shown that the amount of water used to recycle products is far less than the water used in manufacturing virgin products. Really good point about the fact that unclean recyclables attract unwanted pests!
    • Barb R. 5 months ago
      Yeah, it seems it is not talked about a lot. One thing I do is always rinse immediately and if I have a whole bunch ( like during holidays) I fill my sink up just a little and rinse all the cans at once with a small amount of water.
    • Bev P. 2 months ago
      Since I generate most of the waste cooking meals I just wash them with the dishes so there is no extra water usage. Sometimes sink but we do have dishwasher I can put them in assuming it protects bit more from vermin until I wash
  • Betty H. 7 months ago
    I like to wash all of my recyleable stuff. It just makes sense.
  • Jenny S. 7 months ago
    Peanut butter jars can be a challenge. I scrape with a silicone spatula, then wash, then rinse with boiling water. Sometimes, the dishwasher works, too.
    • vernyce d. 6 months ago
      we have our dog or a friend's dog clean out the pb jars - you'd be amazed how much they manage to remove!
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