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Refresh Your Contamination Knowledge To Celebrate America Recycles Day 15

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America Recycles Day is November 15th! It’s the perfect time to recommit to recycling right, and this quiz is just the place to start.

Updated On 11/07/2018 | Originally Published On 11/09/2017

If the
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recycle plastic instead of sending it to the landfill
Complete this quiz to find out what the impact would be.
0 correct
It’s okay to drop unaccepted materials into your recycling container. The waste hauler will sort it out later and throw away whatever they can’t use.
If your jar of peanut butter is almost empty — just a bit more stuck to the jar! — it’s okay to drop it in the recycling container.
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Keep this info in mind the next time you toss something in the recycling container. After all, when you avoid recycling contamination, you help keep the cost of the recycling process low, and the benefit to the environment high!

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The most widely accepted recyclables are paper, plastic, metal, and glass — but there are also widely-accepted rules about what shouldn’t go in your recycling container. Avoiding recycling contamination is one of the best ways to make sure you’re recycling right. Get started here!

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  • tommy b. 2 hours ago
  • Daniel S. 3 days ago
    If my wife and I have to travel to a movie or errands I use my scooter instead of our car. My scooter gets better gas mileage and uses less energy.
  • Daniel S. 3 days ago
    My wife uses a jar to put 10% away for emergency use. I use an empty envelope to put my 10% away for emergency spending. If I do errands I would walk or use a bike to get around. I get good exercise.
  • Lloyd H. 7 days ago
    how do I dispose of light bulbs? (incandescent, CFL, or LED)
  • Stefani W. 10 days ago
    I leave recycleables to soak in the dish water (after dishes are washed!) then rinse in morning and set on used dish towel to dry while I’m at work. Toss towel in laundry pile when done.
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