Live Green and Earn Points


  • Chaelee C. 2 days ago
    I didn't realize I needed to wash out jars! Im definitely starting now!
  • Lloyd H. 4 days ago
    What should I do with used Britta water filters?
  • Paul F. 22 days ago
    But what we want is to keep items out of landfills, plastics, glass, metals & contaminates ect; The stuff that will be there almost forever. Landfills only hold so much.
  • Paul F. 22 days ago
    We wipe our dishes, jars and cooking utensils and pans down with a paper towel or napkin after meals and when we wash dishes we wash the jars and recyclable plastics last that we are throwing out. Using the water and paper napkins anyway so where’s the waste here? . But I doubt any of us live 100% efficient. Kids waste enough water everyday to wash jars and containers, we wash our dog bowels with soap and water everyday. So a jar, at least for us, is no big deal. OR we can wash them while washing our hands 15 times a day for cold and flue season or after a trip to the restroom, water is running gotta go.
  • Valerie F. 22 days ago
    Just throwin this thought out there; when recycling, we have to make sure the the items are clean, which therefore forces us to wash them & thats on our dime(s) because most of us have to pay for for recycling, but ...:
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