Live Green and Earn Points


  • Pam M. 1 month ago
    Slowly getting there- I have a shampoo bar. I’m working towards reducing waste here.
  • Katie Kasoff F. 2 months ago
    I just started using container free shampoo and conditioner bars, chewable toothpaste tabs that I store in a mason jar, and refillable glass dental floss jar- all new improvements in our bathroom to remove plastics!
    • Olive O. 5 hours ago
      Would you mind sharing where you bought these items? It sounds like a great idea!
    • Katie Kasoff F. 4 hours ago i keep the shampoo and conditioner on the little teak wood trays so they dont stick to the shower ledge. the toothpaste was weird to get used to chewing a tab but now i love them! and the dental floss isnt the best, it always breaks between my one set of teeth (maybe a tight space?) but i love the concept of being earth friendly so im sticking with it!
  • S C. 2 months ago
    Hi there ! Here's something that I have put in place for a few year now. I keep a plastic bag or a container to collect the recyclable content of products that my family has used throughout the week or day. Such as, shampoo/conditioner plastics, tp/pt cardboard rolls, boxed soap plastic wrappings and containers, just to name a few. When the recycling bag or mini container is full, as needed, we include these items from the bathroom in the recycle bin for pickup every two weeks. It's been working pretty well.
  • John D. 3 months ago
    #3 is false - define "successfully"
  • karen y. 3 months ago
    anyone do teracycle recycling, its great. I earn points for my school
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