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Reducing Single-Use Bathroom Plastics

By Recyclebank |

Let’s take a closer look at some of the products we use every day, both by considering their impact and finding out if there are any alternatives.

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If worldwide plastics consumption continues at current levels, it’ll account for 17% of the global carbon budget by 2050.
When a consumer recycles a plastic bottle, only 10-20% of it can be recycled successfully.
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As we work together to build zero-waste communities, it’s important to recycle as much as we can (as always) but to also think outside the box to find new products and services that send fewer materials to landfills.

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While it’s good news that many plastic products don’t have to end up in a landfill, it’s far from an ideal material. Learn more about the pros and cons of plastic products with this short quiz!

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  • John D. 25 days ago
    #3 is false - define "successfully"
  • karen y. 26 days ago
    anyone do teracycle recycling, its great. I earn points for my school
  • Gerald B. 26 days ago
    Agreed. That small amount of recovery is new to me and disappointing. I'll still do my best to recycle though.
  • Mary E. 26 days ago
    that was a good quiz didn't know how low a percentage of the plastic that is recycled that can be reused, somewhat depressing