Live Green and Earn Points


  • Art A. 2 days ago
    i turn shower get wet shut it off lather up then turn on and rinse, saves alot of runnoff water
  • Janelle D. 2 days ago
    I piggyback my used small bars of soap, to the back of a new bar.
  • Holly S. 2 days ago
    Use denture cleaner tablets to clean commode.
  • Elizabeth D. 4 days ago
    When the lotion bottle(s) get to the point where they won't pump any lotion, I cut the top off the container about 2/3 the way down and continue to use the remaining lotion. You'd be surprised how much lotion, or other products in pump containers remains after they won't pump any more. So, you save money and only throw the container away after you have completely used the product.
  • Sophie F. 5 days ago
    When my bars of soap get too small to use, I put them in a container that is half full of water. The bars will soften in the water. This process does take a while. After enough of the leftover small soaps have soften, this lotion soap can then be put in a pump-type container and used to wash hands.
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