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Recycling Your Plastic Bags (Yes, You Can!)

Keeping plastic bags out of a landfill is easier than ever.

Recycling Your Plastic Bags (Yes, You Can!)
Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about recycling plastic bags, put your knowledge to the test with our short quiz.
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Bag These Plastic Myths
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Since some plastics are accepted in your community, you should just drop any type of plastic bags in the recycling bin?
A lot of supermarkets and other retailers offer ways to recycle items like Ziploc® brand bags and other lightweight plastics.
In addition to Ziploc® brand bags, recycling centers also accept grocery bags, newspaper bags and even dry cleaning bags.
You cannot take plastic bags that have been used for food storage to a specialized recycling collection site.
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Put Your Knowledge of Plastics Bag to the Test

When it comes to recycling plastic bags, there are a lot of misconceptions and urban legends. We’ll help you separate fact from fiction with this short quiz!

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