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Recycling’s Energy Impact in 5 Numbers

Searching for some real-life evidence of recycling's impact? Look no further than its role in saving energy nationwide. Check it out!

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  • Twyila S. 9 months ago
    Hello!!:-) Even though I have Already Read ALL the Articles/Information that I am Able To Find AT THE VERY LEAST 2-3 times ALREADY, I Still Like to Check Back & “HOPEFULLY” Find an ACTUAL NEW ONE⁉️
  • Ron V. 1 year ago
    Great information for everyone to know. Really enjoying reading all this information and sharing it with friends. Thanks for the award program.
  • kendall j. 2 years ago
    The recycle trucks in zip code 19144 won’t pick up if you use plastic bags. What’s the phone number for Domino lane site?
  • Maria C. 3 years ago
    great information.
  • Christina J. 4 years ago
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