Live Green and Earn Points


  • Eden W. 1 month ago
    I watch this to get some coupons #don'tregret
  • Khalid M. 1 month ago
    Why can't we recycle plastic straws?
  • Carolin C. 1 month ago
    It is estimated that within my lifetime there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans but yes keep using plastic straws. The switch to no straw or a metal straw is easy to do after you see videos of our sea animals injuries from straws.
  • Heather B. 1 month ago
    The videos and quizzes are fun, but sometimes i wonder if a great big database of faq about recycling would be more efficient to answer all our questions?
  • carol M. 1 month ago
    After I rinse out a plastic pop bottle and throw it in the recycle bin, what should I do with the lid?
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