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  • marcy v. 1 month ago
    plastic wrap around sanitary napkins... can they get recycled w plastic bags?
  • Christina M. 3 months ago
    I know most to-go coffee *cups* can’t be recycled - what about the lids? I’d also like to know more about what types of plastic bags can be recycled in the bins at my local grocery store? I’ve learned (from reading on your app in the past - thank you! that most food freezer bags (like vegetables, etc) are NOT recyclable, and I know they accept clean plastic grocery bags and dry cleaning bags. What about bread bags? Plastic wrapping (outer and inner) from toilet paper? Is there any way to recycle the plastic packaging around a case of canned drinks, such as soda? What about the thin stuffed plastic used to hold multiple bottles of product together, like when you buy it at Costco? Glass jars are recyclable - what about the metal lids?

    Thank you so much for this - I don’t know of another resource like your app and it’s really useful!!!
    • Linda L. 3 months ago
      As I understand it, the wrapper that comes around cases of toilet paper are recyclable, and bread bags. Those flimsy plastic bags you get for weighing your produce, they can be recycled too. I believe the wrap around for cases of soda can be recycled. I keep a box in the basement for metals, like the metal lids on jars, and I take them maybe once a year to a metal scrapper nearby. Good work, Christina!
    • marcy v. 1 month ago
      solo lids can get sent to TerraCycle . they provide mailing labels for free and you can collect soooo many things and mail to them for free when either you have a decent amount or it gets to take up space. Solo cups /lids are one of these items. also granola/cliff /lara bar wrappers that have that thin shiny foil, dog food bags, febreeze and air freshners, toothpaste tubes and brushes, etc, etc ... check the website out. ive been doing it for over 12 yrs.
  • mel b. 4 months ago
    Coffee cups! I'm not always sure if they can be recycled or if they are lined with plastic
    • marcy v. 1 month ago
      yea i saw in one of these that you cannot recycle.. but not all have plastic inside i dont think and now some say made from corn and vegetable... so what to do?
  • Rena K. 4 months ago
    Are teabag wrappers recyclable? I mean many teabags now come in individual paper wrappers. Are they paper (they seem to be foil lined) and can they be recycled?
    • marcy v. 1 month ago
      i put the paper wraps in w paper recycling. take out staples of tea bags and on tag and put them in comost. put string in garbage... wow.
    • marcy v. 1 month ago
      now lipton has shiny foil wraps around the sleeves. these can go in with granola wrappers to TerraCycle for free. go to they recycle sooooo much stuff.
  • Richard S. 4 months ago
    Funny video
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