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  • Carolyn R. 11 days ago
    Which magazines and junk mail are recyclable if they use shiny paper?
  • Pat D. 21 days ago
    Cardboard boxes if they have a shiny surface?
  • Bruce D. 24 days ago
    plastic bags.....recycle or not?
  • erica m. 26 days ago
    Why is aluminum foil not recyclable in some areas? What if it's clean and balled into a huge ball so it's not too tiny for the machines? Or tucked into soda cans?
  • erica m. 26 days ago
    Take the plastic nozzle off a recyclable aerosol can? Unscrew and throw or recycle the pump sprayer on a broken but recyclable spray bottle? (Otherwise I would refill and reuse that sucker.)
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