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Recycling Plastic Cups: It’s Easier Than You Think. 25

By Recyclebank |

Have you ever been confused about how to properly dispose of plastic straws? You’re not alone! Check out this fun, short video to learn how it’s done.

What other kinds of products are confusing to recycle? Let us know in the comments below.
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  • Faith W. 2 days ago
    Make sure you check your recycle hauler as to whether or not you can put in plastic cups, because in some counties, they have very specific things that can be recycled. Whole Foods has a GIMME 5 program where they collect #5 plastics and most fast food plastic cups are made of this polypropolene but again check to make sure. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Samathy H. 2 days ago
    I am still unsure about recycling things that are otherwise recyclable, but have the seemingly impossible-to-remove sticky labels on them. I believe that for recyclable metal cans that may not be a problem, but what about when they are on recyclable plastics or glass?
  • Angela F. 3 days ago
    Contact Lens cases. A new one comes in the box with the solution. I have tons of them in the house!
  • Janet C. 3 days ago
    Recycling various plastic hangers? Thrifts stores don't want them.
    • Samathy H. 2 days ago
      I was able to give my unwanted plastic hangers to my alterations lady. She was delighted to get them!
  • Carolyn C. 4 days ago
    Are photographs recyclable glossy, matte, textured?
    • Faith W. 2 days ago
      No, they won't break down in the paper making process. Unfortunately, garbage. Or re-purpose them and make greeting cards.
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