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Recycling Plastic Bags: It’s Easier Than You Think.

By Recyclebank |

Ever wondered how to dispose of plastic bags correctly? You’re not alone! Check out this fun, short video to learn more.  

What other kinds of products are confusing to recycle? Let us know in the comments below.
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  • Felicito C. 3 days ago
    Can we recycle egg crates? The styrofoam kind either/or the cardboard kind?
  • kathleen t. 8 months ago
    Alaska has moved to plastic bag free! Yay! I used to dropped mine off at the local charities.
  • mary b. 1 year ago
    Plastic garbage bags? Wish there was another way for that plastic too!
  • Michael C. 1 year ago
    I drop off the plastic bags at the thrift store, "Downtown Women's Center. They are a very popular charity, that uses the money to help abused women and children in the Amarillo, Texas area. They are always needing the bags for the recycled products donated to them for their 3 stores. This gives the bags, an extended life, because the customer, like me, bring them back again, and again.
  • K A. 1 year ago
    How do we encourage grocers to accept other clean soft plastics like bread bags or plastic bags that potatoes come in? Where do we turn in the mesh fabric that commonly contains onions & oranges?
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