Live Green and Earn Points


  • mary b. 3 months ago
    Plastic garbage bags? Wish there was another way for that plastic too!
  • Michael C. 4 months ago
    I drop off the plastic bags at the thrift store, "Downtown Women's Center. They are a very popular charity, that uses the money to help abused women and children in the Amarillo, Texas area. They are always needing the bags for the recycled products donated to them for their 3 stores. This gives the bags, an extended life, because the customer, like me, bring them back again, and again.
  • K A. 4 months ago
    How do we encourage grocers to accept other clean soft plastics like bread bags or plastic bags that potatoes come in? Where do we turn in the mesh fabric that commonly contains onions & oranges?
  • Adaam M. 5 months ago
    Each of us will need to learn, study, contribute and sacrifice. In order for our kids and grand kids and for the future generation to enjoy and live in harmony with nature. Things are well beyond repair, but we need to slow down. We are facing a massive crisis and need to show a real sense of urgency, without any excuses.
    • Linda L. 2 months ago
      Education is the key for our children and grandchildren. Schools need to help too. It's a huge task, but someone has to start it.
  • Thomas G. 6 months ago
    My recycler stopped taking glass jars and bottles... now what?
    • Michael C. 4 months ago
      Thomas: Depending on the size of the jars, I use them to wash, and clean vegetable seeds for the garden, so I buy very little seeds. I purchase the seeds, in the vegetables I buy, and take as many as I can, and put them in their own jar. Roma tomatoes go in one jar, Beefsteak tomatoes in another jar, Cantaloupe seeds in another jar, and so forth. Hope this helps.
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