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  • Lori S. 1 day ago
    frozen dinner packaging
  • Roberta M. 4 days ago
    You should mention the possibility of composting. Check locally; our city has a new composting program and pizza boxes can be a part of it.
  • Hillary W. 1 month ago
    Here in NYC, our recycling posters show plastic straws going into the plastic recycling, yet Recyclebank always says they can't be recycled. Which is it?
    • BenD@Recyclebank 1 month ago

      Good question. Because there are many different rules in different places, we err on the side of avoiding contamination with our advice.

      Above all, you should follow what your city says is/isn't recyclable in your area.

  • Susan E. 2 months ago
    bottle caps. I think they are not recyclable because there seems to be wax inside the lid
  • E K. 2 months ago
    Where I am, the greasy parts go in the compost.
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