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Recycling E-Waste: Sustainable Solutions for Your Old Electronics 5

Without getting too technical, pick up the basics of what and how gets repurposed when you e-cycle old gadgets.

What surprises you most about e-waste and e-cycling? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Ginnie B. 2 months ago
    What surprises me most is the amount.
  • Heather B. 2 months ago
    Would like to see frivolous uses of electronics end. Companies, like Hallmark, who put electronics in their greeting cards for sound and light take no responsibility for the e-waste they are creating. They offer no recycling options and make the rest of the greeting card hard to recycle. I buy no greeting cards with electronics or glitter, but unfortunately people sometimes send such cards to me and the challenge of responsible disposal becomes mine.
  • tommy b. 2 months ago
  • Karen D. 2 months ago
    What is the most disturbing to me is that a large number of these electronics end up in landfills. I hope someone there recycles them properly so they are not sitting in a landfill. We always recycle or donate our old electronics.
  • Erica M. 2 months ago
    Planned obsolescence is terrible. My last PC was almost 10yrs old and ran fine, until one tiny, irreplaceable chip died - designed to make the computer useless. I'll strip the PC for parts, pull out anything useful for crafting, then recycle the rest. I recently got my first smart phone - Forget shiny new upgrades, I'm keeping this thing until it dies, I never wanted one and I'm not buying another until forced to, lol.
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