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Recycling: A Serious Saver Of Water 20

Making the products we use every day requires a lot of water. We can get a head start on conserving water by turning the material in existing products into new items; this cuts down on the resources needed for mining and manufacturing.

Updated On 02/16/2017 | Originally Published On 01/04/2016
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Making a new product from scratch uses more water than making it from recycled materials.
Could you put rigid plastics and metal cans in extra space in your dishwasher to cut down on how much you’re using from the faucet?
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Diverting waste and conserving water are a great combination when it comes to living more sustainably. Do you have any other ideas on how you can do this every day? Let us know in the comments below.

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A lot of water is needed to produce the products we use every day. We can get a head start on conserving water by turning current products into new items, which cuts down on the resources needed for mining and manufacturing. 

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  • ann l. 2 days ago
    Remember the cold shower I had to take in Honduras,the water came from a big dirty container on the roof
  • rob s. 15 days ago
    I have traveled lots of countries in world.
    Some without clean water that is available to everybody.
    It makes you think how precious water is everyday.
    We really have to be good to fresh water and not waste.
    Others in the world don't get a chance to even drink or take a shower without dirt in water.
    So conserve as best as we and you can.
  • Theresa S. 19 days ago
    Good information
  • Emelia J. 20 days ago
    Good idea for using the extra little spaces in the dish washer to rinse recyclables :) I will be more careful with water usage and make my boyfriend too ;)
  • Michel M. 21 days ago
    I grew up with well water, and know the value of water. Once you have a dry well, you don't waste another drop. And, we shouldn't be giving our water away to big corporations for free, just so they can sell it back to us! What a travesty!
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