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Recycle Your Way to Energy Efficiency 20

Great news — saving energy can be cheap, easy, and (nearly) effortless. Take this quiz and learn how recycling is one solution that fits the bill!

Updated On 07/21/2016 | Originally Published On 06/29/2015

If the
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purchase 100% recycled paper rather than virgin fiber paper
Complete this quiz to find out what the impact would be.
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In addition to keeping resources out of landfills, recycling also uses less energy to make new products than manufacturing items from scratch.
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Awesome work! We hope this quiz inspires you to up your recycling game even more! Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below—we can all benefit from a little positive reinforcement.

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By now, we’re all (hopefully) on the recycling train — but being diligent on this front can also help you save energy! It’s easier than you thought, right? This quiz will give you the scoop on how recycling can cut energy use — so all that’s left for you to do is more of what you’re already doing!

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  • ALEX R. 5 months ago
    Great post! All good reasons to recycle as much material as possible to cut down on the need for more raw materials and saves energy as well. Also, I try to purchase paper that contains the FSC seal on the outside of the packaging.
  • Valarie R. 6 months ago
    Good for education
  • ALEX R. 9 months ago
    in the past I told clerks "keep your bag and save a tree" today I say "keep your bag and save a plastic tree". I always skip bags if I can carry it.
  • Alicia W. 10 months ago
    As an artist, I get really excited when I find quality recycled paper. More and more are being made because the demand is now here!
  • Heidi B. 10 months ago
    I think that it iswonderful that we have recycling and that we save our forests because our wildlife are coming intp the suburbs and they are scared and hungry because the trees and lands and beingtaken away
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