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Recycle These 5 Overlooked Metals 30

We know all about the basics like soda or soup cans, but there are plenty of other metals that deserve to get second lives, too!


Updated On 01/11/2018 | Originally Published On 06/23/2016

Recycle These 5 Overlooked Metals
Thanks for reading! Are there other everyday items that stump you? Let us know in the comments below and see if anyone in our community can help out with a suggestion.
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  • Nicole H. 29 minutes ago
    I wish all places recycled the same, I never know what is and what isn't recycled and when I travel and see that some of the things I am USED to recycling, are not and go where, straight to the trash? It's really unfortunate, especially in big cities.
  • Mindy E. 2 days ago
    Interesting about separating the lids from the jars. So much great information
  • Lisa T. 4 days ago
    Good info. I'm always learning something new here!
  • Janice M. 5 days ago
    I take all metal objects to the recycling center and when I do like an umbrella that's broken or Christmas lights the guy there tells me where it goes and why and how to keep it out of the landfill. Some recycling centers have more advanced recycling features than others. I believe counties should offer to do more for each other if they have a more advanced system and charge for those services. I believe more items recycled helps save everyone from contaminants and that should be every person's goal.
  • Kathleen I. 7 days ago
    Recyclebank has taught me a lot about recycling, but there's one thing that still stymies me -- how do I know the difference between recyclable plastic and cellophane? Is it just texture?
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