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Recycle These 5 Overlooked Metals

We know all about the basics like soda or soup cans, but there are plenty of other metals that deserve to get second lives, too!


Updated On 01/11/2018 | Originally Published On 06/23/2016

Recycle These 5 Overlooked Metals
Thanks for reading! Are there other everyday items that stump you? Let us know in the comments below and see if anyone in our community can help out with a suggestion.
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  • Lori S. 3 days ago
    Give precious jewelry like gold and silver as gifts. The jewelers will give you pennies on the dollar as will gold buyers, but a friend or relative will love you and remember you forever for the lasting beautiful gift and probably pass it down through their family!
  • Maria C. 8 months ago
    great information
  • Robert Q. 9 months ago
    this needs to be more comprehensive! wire hangers? metal frames? etc
  • Kate D. 11 months ago
    Twist ties!
  • Victoria R. 11 months ago
    What about cans from cat food?
    • Karin K. 9 months ago
      Need to be clean and dry. I put greasy items in my dishwasher, trying not to have sharp metal edges cutting the coating on dishwasher prongs. I do the lids by hand. Let dry and set lid inside can.
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