Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lori S. 2 months ago
    Give precious jewelry like gold and silver as gifts. The jewelers will give you pennies on the dollar as will gold buyers, but a friend or relative will love you and remember you forever for the lasting beautiful gift and probably pass it down through their family!
  • Maria C. 11 months ago
    great information
  • Robert Q. 1 year ago
    this needs to be more comprehensive! wire hangers? metal frames? etc
  • Kate D. 1 year ago
    Twist ties!
  • Victoria R. 1 year ago
    What about cans from cat food?
    • Karin K. 1 year ago
      Need to be clean and dry. I put greasy items in my dishwasher, trying not to have sharp metal edges cutting the coating on dishwasher prongs. I do the lids by hand. Let dry and set lid inside can.
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