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Recycle #5 Plastic

Give these plastics a second life, not a one-way ticket to a landfill.

Turn your #5 plastics into new products

Get Recyclebank Points when you send Preserve your #5 plastics and Preserve toothbrushes to be recycled.

• Mailing back your #5 plastics: 45 Points Get Started

• Mailing back your Preserve toothbrush: 30 Points Get Started

When packing up your clean #5 plastic containers to send back to Preserve, be sure to include your name and email address. In a few weeks, Preserve will email you to confirm they've received your package. They will also include a Recyclebank Points Code. After you receive your points code, just come back to this page to enter it and receive your Points.

Check back soon - there's a lot more on the way!

Got your points code already? Click here to enter it and get your points!

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