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Record Heat Means Record Fossil Fuel Consumption 20

By Recyclebank |

Summer 2018 is breaking heat records around the world. And we’re burning more fossil fuels because of it.

Record Heat Means Record Fossil Fuel Consumption
A/C units aren’t the biggest GHG creators, but being aware of your energy use helps you save money and reduce GHGs. If everyone does that, it will make a big difference! How are you coping with the heat this summer? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Barbara S. 48 minutes ago
    I keep all the windows closed and run fans in my home. My dehumidifier that runs at night captures some of the humidity. We shower before bed and use corn starch on the bed sheets to stay cool and dry. Air conditioner only comes on very humid days, and just for a few hours.
  • Marie F. 5 days ago
    I close all the windows and curtains in the morning. At night I open them back up to bring in the cool breeze. We also run a couple fans
  • Laura B. 12 days ago
    inflatable pool
  • Dolores B. 14 days ago
    I also have solar panels
  • Dolores B. 14 days ago
    We pretty much do the same as the previous post. also remember when we were kids no one had ac.
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