Live Green and Earn Points


  • Tony W. 1 month ago
    I happen to live near a ice making facility, and so I usually cool the house down with blocks of ice in front of a oscillating fan. My electric bill is way lower than any of my neighbors....and my house is much colder inside also. :)
  • David H. 3 months ago
    I have 2 small room air conditioners. They're in my bedroom closet. I find I really don't need them in this part of the country.
  • TINA F. 4 months ago
    We use window fans to draw in cool evening temperatures, during the day we close the curtains to block sunlight and use misters and small personal fans. I cook a variety of meat on the grill each weekend and have our meals using that to decrease oven cooking. We have lived here for 25 years without air coonditioners, our power bill reflects our savings.
  • Marilyn Z. 5 months ago
    I live where a mid-summer temp runs about 105 outside...many, many days over 100 every summer plus high humidity. We have done everything we can to keep temps down in the house including a radiant barrier in the attic. It will take at least 35 years to recoup that investment, but it makes a HUGE difference in our energy usage. Also, where I live IF you are very careful and use less than 500 kwh in a month, you are punished with an added fee. Since we do use less except or 2 or 3 months per year. I am stuck with a $5 fee. Some providers charge $20. We are able to see our usage online in 15 minute intervals and the dryer and HVAC send the usage skyrocketing.
    • Marilyn Z. 5 months ago
      I should say that we are not allowed clotheslines here, but this is the first dryer I ever had. I liked my clothesline. I used to tell people I had one of those new solar, wind powered clothes dryers...when they looked puzzled, I would confess what it really was.
    • John D. 5 months ago
      There are plans without the fee but require some digging to find. I use (PUC of TX site, beware imposters that use part of that name for their site).
  • Joni Strang B. 6 months ago
    I have a "whole house fan". I set my thermostat to 78 deg. during the summer for my central air. When it is cooler outside than it is inside I open my windows and use my whole house fan instead of my central air. I keep my blinds closed during the middle of the day in the summer to avoid the sun heating the house more.
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