Live Green and Earn Points


  • Marilyn Z. 15 days ago
    I live where a mid-summer temp runs about 105 outside...many, many days over 100 every summer plus high humidity. We have done everything we can to keep temps down in the house including a radiant barrier in the attic. It will take at least 35 years to recoup that investment, but it makes a HUGE difference in our energy usage. Also, where I live IF you are very careful and use less than 500 kwh in a month, you are punished with an added fee. Since we do use less except or 2 or 3 months per year. I am stuck with a $5 fee. Some providers charge $20. We are able to see our usage online in 15 minute intervals and the dryer and HVAC send the usage skyrocketing.
    • Marilyn Z. 15 days ago
      I should say that we are not allowed clotheslines here, but this is the first dryer I ever had. I liked my clothesline. I used to tell people I had one of those new solar, wind powered clothes dryers...when they looked puzzled, I would confess what it really was.
    • John D. 14 days ago
      There are plans without the fee but require some digging to find. I use (PUC of TX site, beware imposters that use part of that name for their site).
  • Joni Strang B. 29 days ago
    I have a "whole house fan". I set my thermostat to 78 deg. during the summer for my central air. When it is cooler outside than it is inside I open my windows and use my whole house fan instead of my central air. I keep my blinds closed during the middle of the day in the summer to avoid the sun heating the house more.
  • Felicia W. 1 month ago
    I open the windows keep the curtains closed in the mornings and use fans.
  • Donna E. 1 month ago
    Take more cool showers!
    • Marilyn Z. 15 days ago
      We wet ourselves down, turn off the shower, scrub ourselves up real good shampoo our hair and then rinse off.
  • sharon h. 1 month ago
    We've definitely used the ac a lot.. must find better ways.
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