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Quick and Easy Ways to Avoid Recycling Contamination

By Recyclebank |

When unacceptable materials are sent to a MRF, they cause recycling contamination. Learn why that’s a bad thing, and what you can do to help avoid it.

Quick and Easy Ways to Avoid Recycling Contamination
Thanks for learning more about contamination! If you’ve got any tips or tricks for keeping your recyclables clean, share them all in the comments below.
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  • Colleen K. 17 days ago
    I put plastics from frozen dinners in my dishwasher and then put them in recycle completely clean.
  • Julia P. 25 days ago
    The plastic paint tray liners tout that they can be recycled, but even if that number of plastic is recyclable in my area, if it's got latex paint on it isn't it now "contaminated"?
    • m m. 22 days ago
      you can put the paint tray in a plastic bag and then pour the paint into the container, do your painting, and clean up is a breeze. Yes the bag will have the paint residue and have to go in the landfill but it saves having to use a lot of water to clean up then worry about recycling the tray. plus the plastic trays are kind of flimsy and crack easy so the paint still bleeds into the metal tray and has to be cleaned..
  • Elaine R. 28 days ago
    Collect recyclables in a paper grocery bag - a second life for the bag and no plastic bag to gum up the recycle process
  • Randy F. 30 days ago
    I think the author here should have omitted "Too Much Grease" since that reads as an Open Invitation to deposit soiled material in with clean material ~ thereby contaminating it all! Paper breaks down a lot easier & faster than plastics and is basically renewable so I would cut/rip the soiled section off or just omit the whole piece since smaller cardboard s raps may block the machines.
  • carolyn s. 1 month ago
    I will recycle the top of the box when it does not have any grease.
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