Live Green and Earn Points


  • Heidy R. 1 month ago
    As always great information
  • Robert M. 1 month ago
    Send out reminders in a flyer form to all my thick headed neighbors to remind them to stop putting pizza boxes in their recycle bins they just dont get it!!!
  • Charles H. 3 months ago
    As I walk around my neighborhood I see lots of recycle bins with things in them that can't be recycled, especially greasy pizza boxes. I wish more people knew these aren't recyclable.
  • Colleen K. 3 months ago
    I put plastics from frozen dinners in my dishwasher and then put them in recycle completely clean.
  • Julia P. 3 months ago
    The plastic paint tray liners tout that they can be recycled, but even if that number of plastic is recyclable in my area, if it's got latex paint on it isn't it now "contaminated"?
    • m m. 3 months ago
      you can put the paint tray in a plastic bag and then pour the paint into the container, do your painting, and clean up is a breeze. Yes the bag will have the paint residue and have to go in the landfill but it saves having to use a lot of water to clean up then worry about recycling the tray. plus the plastic trays are kind of flimsy and crack easy so the paint still bleeds into the metal tray and has to be cleaned..
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