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#ProTips For Reducing Your HHW 25

Want to lead a life less hazardous? Find out some ways you can reduce household hazardous waste (HHW) consumption or avoid it altogether.

Updated On 12/08/2016 | Originally Published On 10/29/2015
#ProTips For Reducing Your HHW
Thanks for reading! Have you come up with some interesting life hacks to help cut down on HHW usage and disposal? Tell us all about it in the comments below.
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  • Patricia J. 11 days ago
    I walk to work, walk home for lunch, walk back to work, and walk home. No gas to buy or burn, no wasted packaging for a lunch to bring, and I stay fit! Win win!
  • mae k. 12 days ago
    Greatness this infromation is.
  • vernyce d. 18 days ago
    we've gone to art events that take ones leftover paint & use it in aerial swings to create Jackson Pollack free styling art!
  • Constance S. 21 days ago
    Our local HHW facility has a few shelves of products that can still be used. Like cleaning products and paints. The community is allowed to take what they need, without cost. All of what you can pick up was dropped of by someone else and after inspection, we deemed still usable.
  • Larry S S. 23 days ago
    Our city has a hazardous waste disposal site for citizens to drop off leftover paint, chemicals, etc. for free. While you're there, you can pick up someone else's donation!
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