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Pre-Recycling Prep for Paper - Test Your Knowledge

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You may remember this quiz from earlier this month — but do you remember the answers? Here’s your chance to test your knowledge and earn extra points.

Get 5 points for going through the quiz, and earn an additional 5 points for every correct answer. See how much you’ve learned!

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Corrugated cardboard can usually be recycled right alongside your mixed paper and newsprint.
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Now you’re really ready to recycle! But first — tell us about your town! Share your paper recycling challenges or quick fixes in the comments below.

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Although towns and cities across the US have different recycling rules and services, one thing remains the same — it all starts with you! Learn what items to avoid and which questions to ask so you’re sure everything you toss out goes to the right place.

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  • Charles S. 3 years ago
    They can be folded
  • Carly J. 3 years ago
    I have learned a lot through this site on how and what to properly recycle. We fill one large plastic bag with other plastic bags and bring it all to our grocery store once it's a big puff ball. Our other recyclables are placed in a used brown bag under our sink - once that's overflowing - we toss it in our recycling bin for the hauler.
  • Homer S. 3 years ago
    My recycle company take all my recyclables in one bin they supply to us, so we don't have to separate them.
  • doone c. 3 years ago
    My recycle facility allows me to put glass, plastic, papers, cans all together in the same big bin. Why they want to sort all that is beyond me...…….
  • Arlene A. 3 years ago
    Our town doesn't allow paper and cardboard to be together, cardboard in the paper dumpster will get the whole dumpster sent to the landfill. I am super careful to pick out anything a friend might have put in the wrong container before I haul it off.
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