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Pre-Recycling Prep for Paper

How can you be sure everything you put in the recycling bin actually belongs there? Take this quiz and sort out the finer details of paper recycling!

Updated On 07/02/2018 | Originally Published On 07/27/2015

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recycle paper and fiber egg cartons instead of sending them to the landfill
Complete this quiz to find out what the impact would be.
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Corrugated cardboard can usually be recycled right alongside your mixed paper and newsprint.
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Now you’re really ready to recycle! But first — tell us about your town! Share your paper recycling challenges or quick fixes in the comments below.

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Although towns and cities across the US have different recycling rules and services, one thing remains the same — it all starts with you! Learn what items to avoid and which questions to ask so you’re sure everything you toss out goes to the right place.

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  • Stacie R. 1 year ago
    I’m sorry to see Philadelphia recycling reward problem being extinguished
  • Sonny S. 1 year ago
    I missed this yesterday and threw out shredded paper in recycle. Learned something new and regret messing up the recycle system.
  • Michael C. 1 year ago
    Here is what I use to start seedlings for the garden.

    half for most seedlings, or leave them whole for plants that need more root space – peas, corn, and tomatoes for instance. Alternatively, cut down paper towel tubes to the desired length.
    Making a toilet paper tube seed pot is even easier than making a newspaper pot!
    1. Cut four equally-spaced inch-long slits into one end of the toilet paper tube.
    2. Fold the flaps down, alternating the tucks to create a strong interlocking base.
    3. Fill with potting soil, and sow your seeds into it.
    Set the tubes in trays so that they don’t fall apart as the cardboard softens. As the seedlings grow, their roots will help hold the potting soil together. You can also group pots together using string or rubber bands.
    Cardboard tubes rot down more slowly than newspaper, but roots will find their own way out of the pot eventually. However, you can peel off the cardboard before planting if you prefer – it peels away very easily when wet.
  • Marcia O. 2 years ago
    Great info. Thanks for teaching
  • Maria C. 2 years ago
    thank you for the information
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