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Pre-Recycling Prep for Paper 25

How can you be sure everything you put in the recycling bin actually belongs there? Take this quiz and sort out the finer details of paper recycling!

Updated On 08/25/2016 | Originally Published On 07/27/2015

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recycle paper and fiber egg cartons instead of sending them to the landfill
Complete this quiz to find out what the impact would be.
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Corrugated cardboard can usually be recycled right alongside your mixed paper and newsprint.
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Now you’re really ready to recycle! But first — tell us about your town! Share your paper recycling challenges or quick fixes in the comments below.

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Although towns and cities across the US have different recycling rules and services, one thing remains the same — it all starts with you! Learn what items to avoid and which questions to ask so you’re sure everything you toss out goes to the right place.

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  • arvind B. 24 days ago
    I have the same question Heather asked.
  • David S. 3 months ago
    As far as documents that contain personal information, I remove all personal information from those documents, (pre-approved credit card offers and any other mailings or outdated documents), and recycle the rest of the paper. I consider the time it takes to do this and then recycle the rest of the document to far outweigh any of it going into a landfill.
  • Amanda H. 4 months ago
    Should styrofoam cups be recycled?
    • David S. 3 months ago
      Styrofoam cups, or any other polystyrene product can only be recycled from your home if the company that does your recycling accepts it. I would suggest calling either the recycling company or your municipality's solid waste department to find out.
  • Roger R. 5 months ago
    I do my part in recycling, I like earning point, but would like to see better gift card options
  • Karin B. 8 months ago
    I have the same question Heather asked. I'm receiving ads and junk mail that feels plastic coated. I am hesitant to recycle these with other papers . If these are plastic coated I wish it would stop.
    • Ben G. 7 months ago
      Soak it in water for a few days and then try to rub on it. You should be able to peel the plastic away. You probably won't be able to separate the paper from plastic, but you should be able to tell if the material you are questioning is a paper only or a mixed product.
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