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Pre-Recycling Prep for Paper 25

How can you be sure everything you put in the recycling bin actually belongs there? Take this quiz and sort out the finer details of paper recycling!

Updated On 07/02/2018 | Originally Published On 07/27/2015

If the
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recycle paper and fiber egg cartons instead of sending them to the landfill
Complete this quiz to find out what the impact would be.
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Corrugated cardboard can usually be recycled right alongside your mixed paper and newsprint.
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Now you’re really ready to recycle! But first — tell us about your town! Share your paper recycling challenges or quick fixes in the comments below.

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Although towns and cities across the US have different recycling rules and services, one thing remains the same — it all starts with you! Learn what items to avoid and which questions to ask so you’re sure everything you toss out goes to the right place.

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  • Sam C. 1 hour ago
    Shredded paper is not recyclable? Why?
  • Gerald B. 4 days ago
    I recycled long before there were any rewards but I believe if rewards are offered they should be genuine. Also it is natural to be disappointed when the rewards on offer are less desirable than in the past. That said, I'm enjoying the magazines.
    • Michelle H. 3 days ago
      That's the only thing worth it.. when I started, they truly have points for the weight in your bin.. now it's just a website for magazines and products no one has ever heard of.. But I'll always recycle!
  • Jeffrey M. 7 days ago
    It’s interesting that we are being a perk, a free perk for recycling, something we would be doing anyway, and all we do is whine and complain....
  • Lynn T. 12 days ago
    Why am I limited to only a few reward selections?
  • VICKI R. 18 days ago
    I have noticed that also that the prizes are not as plentiful as they use to be. I know that once a year they have been having gift cards so I just collect all the points I can until than. I have never won but I enter every time. Good Luck
    • erica m. 16 days ago
      And most free prizes are print magazines, which are recycleable (fine) but absorb trees & cause carbon emissions to deliver by snail mail. IRONIC.
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