Live Green and Earn Points


  • Marcia O. 5 months ago
    Great info. Thanks for teaching
  • Maria C. 5 months ago
    thank you for the information
  • Donna H. 5 months ago
    Where I live our cardboard and paper products are separated. Our glass is not out with anything else.
  • Sam C. 5 months ago
    Shredded paper is not recyclable? Why?
  • Gerald B. 6 months ago
    I recycled long before there were any rewards but I believe if rewards are offered they should be genuine. Also it is natural to be disappointed when the rewards on offer are less desirable than in the past. That said, I'm enjoying the magazines.
    • Michelle H. 6 months ago
      That's the only thing worth it.. when I started, they truly have points for the weight in your bin.. now it's just a website for magazines and products no one has ever heard of.. But I'll always recycle!
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