Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sam D. 10 days ago
    It would be nice to have a specific list of the recycle numbers that can be put in the recycle bin. From 1 through 7 with exceptions for each category listed as well.
  • Denise M. 1 month ago
    I reuse plastic berry containers by washing them and putting baked goods for friends in them.
  • Jenna W. 1 month ago
    I’ve never purchased a box of garbage bags in my entire adult life. I use the plastic bags I get from stores - WHEN I get them, which is actually rare. I usually take my own reusable bags when I go ANYWHERE, including shopping at the mall. Also - I was taking my own bags to the grocery store 25 years ago - before ANYONE was really even thinking about it, and before the stores offered reusable bags for sale. I always read a lot as a kid. Plus, I was a Girl Scout. I first learned “Reduce-reuse-recycle” in school and in Girl Scouts as a kid. I guess SOMETHING or SOMEONE really made an impression on me at some point back then, because I really took it to heart. Ive spent the last 25 years, most of my adult life, trying to reduce my carbon footprint. If only that would also translate to my obsession with shoes.
  • Nick K. 1 month ago
    A lot. It scares.
  • Josephine H. 1 month ago
    I refill plastic containers when I can (and don't buy them when I can of course) but am lucky to live with a store in the neighborhood that offers refills/bulk purchases. They are hoping to expand what can be bought in bulk which is exciting. My husband also uses them in the garage for sorting small whatsits. I wish it was more normal to show up with containers than to show up needing them. We'll get there one day :)
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