Live Green and Earn Points


  • george p. 1 month ago
    Express Scripts sends all of its pills in plastic bottles that are only 10% filled! They then send that oversized plastic bottle in a large plastic mailer instead.of a paper one like Amazon uses fir it's shipping. And additionally, they send seperate mailings for multiple medications on the same day, rather than combining the bottles bag.
  • george p. 1 month ago
    All schools must test for lead and copper in their water. Replace all outdated water fountains with "Hydration Units" that are filtered and can refill usable water bottles instead of plastic throwaways #
  • lee s. 1 month ago
    I recycle bags and take a market bag to farmers market
  • Alexandra M. 1 month ago
    When I go to the grocery store, I use a reusable bag
  • Terri B. 2 months ago
    I have a garden composter, so it takes longer for the kitchen trash can to fill up as fast. When I empty it into the big bag lined recepticle outside, I wipe down the kitchen trash bag and keep using the same bag! I clean and reuse or recycle plastic bags and ziplocks too. Haven't had to purchase any plastic bags in 3 years. Use cloth bags for shopping and recycle/reuse what I do get. It's a bit more effort, but hey, keeps me busy ;-)
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