Live Green and Earn Points


  • kaleigh b. 12 hours ago
    Please recycle. Where I live we don’t recycle like we should
  • Carolyn P. 22 days ago
    The article mentions motor oil bottles as being recyclable as #2 plastic, but please double-check that with your local recycling program! Ours specifically excludes motor oil containers, no doubt because of contamination issues from the petroleum residue left in the bottles.
  • Charles H. 1 month ago
    As I walk through my neighborhood, I see items in recycling bins that shouldn't be there. It would be great if there was a way to inform everybody about what can be recycled. This article is helpful.
  • Sandra M. 1 month ago
    Our local grocery store accepts plastic and paper grocery bags. I wanted to ask them about clingwrap, as I think I saw that mentioned in another article.
  • Susan C. 1 month ago
    Our community recycles 1,2, and 5. I bring the styrofoam peanuts to my local UPS store to be reused.
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