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  • Michelle R. 28 days ago
    sad to know grocery bags are not recyclable curbside
  • Linda L. 1 month ago
    Interesting! Didn't know ketchup and mustard bottles weren't recyclable.
  • Kate G. 1 month ago
    I will print this , great reference and to know
  • Sue C. 1 month ago
    Thank you for this piece on the plastic products with the different resin codes. I realize no. 7 plastic is used by manufacturers but is not recyclable. I honestly think that a company would want a consumer to be able to recycle the container the food cane in since it shows that they and the consumer both have the interest of the planet in mind. This would be a big help for the consumer to buy that same product whereby the manufacturer Changes the type of container it chooses to put that food into for purchasing.
  • Deloris V. 4 months ago
    I am old but I try to do my part by recycling what I can. I am sure I probably get it wrong sometimes but I do try, This was somewhat helpful, if I can remember it. I guess I can always revisit this .
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