Live Green and Earn Points


  • Deloris V. 28 days ago
    I am old but I try to do my part by recycling what I can. I am sure I probably get it wrong sometimes but I do try, This was somewhat helpful, if I can remember it. I guess I can always revisit this .
  • Renee C. 30 days ago
    I learned a lot about plastic recycling.
  • allison s. 1 month ago
    i dont understand why different cities only recycle different things... our city is so limited and it seems so much that they ask us to put in garbage could be recycled. i also dont understand why ALL public places especially resturants dont have recycling
  • Angela J. 1 month ago
    I have been tumbling glass. I also have taken on the task of repurposing plastics...
  • Joe B. 2 months ago
    What I never understood about this system, is why not make it consumer friendly? Place universal recycles in a circle, universal non recycles in a square, keep questionable in a triangle. No matter where you go, if a number is in a circle, recycle it. A square, trash it. The number is meaningless for those groups, just the shape of the symbol that holds the number. The triangle becomes the only question mark, which is better than every piece of plastic out there.
    • Angela J. 1 month ago
      Well good idea except the trash it part. A big piece of the waste reduction and recycling endeavors is recognizing the waste that we should refrain from using. Working towards reducing the need for non recyclable, or finding reuse and purpose for those items is the next step.. not the trash. We have become too dependant on convenience and lost site of our own abilities. For example cookie trays... Cookie sheets and the oven are the solution. Not adding extra waste to the landfill...
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