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Pause Before Pitching HHW

Unsure about the best way to dispose of something that could be toxic, flammable or corrosive? We’ll help you make the right call.

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You can learn about drop-off programs or special collection days by contacting your local environmental, health or solid waste agency.
In addition to city or regional agencies, you can also follow disposal instructions printed on a product’s label.
It’s much better and safer to compost HHW than putting it in the trash, recycling it, or taking it to a specialty recycler.
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Nice work! Have you found any specialty recyclers in your area that accept HHW? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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When HHW is properly disposed, the professionals can minimize its negative impact and can also prevent any harm it could cause to humans, wildlife or water supplies. We all play a part in this, though: Find out how you can help keep your family and your neighbors safe with this short quiz.

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  • Andy G. 3 years ago
    City Of Philadelphia has special locations that accept those items.
  • Deborah W. 5 years ago
    I asked our Sherwin Williams store if they took empty paint cans and they did not. I have had empty paint cans and wrote on top (empty) and put in the bin.
  • Deborah W. 5 years ago
    Thanks, this must be a new policy for Target. Lowes and Home Depot take light bulbs - florescent but not the very large kind. They don't take tractor batteries last I heard. It would be good if Public Works would submit a flyer to residential areas and businesses of what can be collected for recycling. That would be a big help.
  • Jen O. 5 years ago
    Target Stores recycle some eWaste- when I shop I also drop off batteries, old devices, etc. There is usually a bin in the check out area that tells you what they will take.
  • Tammy B. 5 years ago
    I use a medication / medical biohazard drop-off day (once a year) for excess medications and medical syringes. During the year I keep a bag under my bathroom sink for the medications and an actual biohazard container for syringes. Easy!
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