Live Green and Earn Points


  • Rose L. 1 month ago
    never thought of composting paper plates and paper towels.
  • Andrew C. 5 months ago
    Sharon H, the paper towel industry fund all that anti-hand dryer PR and if you look at the details of the studies there is no real evidence of harmful germ spreading. Big business trying to make you buy a product that has a negative impact on the planet, where have we heard that before!
  • sharon h. 6 months ago
    I saw something recently about those loud dryers in bathrooms, which are thought to save paper but possibly spread germs and scare people with sensory disabilities. What is a good balance?
  • Maria C. 6 months ago
    thank you for the information.
  • penny s. 1 year ago
    I have ant problems in my compost. I even have earth worms in my compost they love it . I even water my compost down to keep it moist. I give my chickens my corn cops they love it
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