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Paper Towels: Recyclable or Not? 5

By Recyclebank |
Do paper towels belong in your recycling container?

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  • joanna l. 2 days ago
    I would never compost them because they contain bleaches and ink which I wouldn't put those compounds in my garden.
  • joanna l. 2 days ago
    I do use paper towels, its hygienic and saves me from doing lots of laundry. I buy a responsible brand and one that's made in America.
  • catherine g. 3 days ago
    I ment to say keeps your clothes from not sticking in the dryer.
  • catherine g. 3 days ago
    I also use baking soda and vinegar in my clothes washer.Vinegar keeps your clothes sticking together in the clothes dryer. I no longer use dryer sheets in the dryer. they have cancer causing chemicals in them. Cathy G
  • Dee R. 3 days ago
    I had posted before on the blog somewhere regarding this. Viva paper towels that are stretchy can be used for your cleaning and then put inside your zippered fine washable containers and reuse them numerous times. The other paper towels aren't sturdy enough, but these are awesome. Also, in the new front loadable clothes washers instead of bleach I've been using baking soda and white vinegar they keep the clothes nice and fresh and they prevent mold/mildew build up that occurs with those front loaders. I also leave the washer open after washing to prevent mold/mildew also. When my husband and I built our home my Mom came over and showed me how to ball up newspaper and get it softer, less crinkly..then clean the windows. WHOA! Your glass will never get cleaner than doing it this way. Now, I still use white vinegar on many things that I clean because of brushing teeth, washing hands...germs, but the windows...all they need is a balled up/softened up newspaper to make them shine like you've never seen before! Our forefathers knew things that we didn't know. They had to figure things out along the way. These tried and true things are keepers in my book. The people in marketing naturally want to market their's how they earn a living. It don'ts mean it's better...just costs more;)
    The fibers in paper are shorter than fibers in other things that can be recycled over and over again. My husband makes paper and I loved the old brown bag paper the grocery stores used to use...then went to plastic..that takes YEARS>>> to break down in land fields. He taught us how to make the's a really interesting process. If you ever get the chance to go in and observe, do it! Watching wood...turn to pulp, then paper is amazing....
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