Live Green and Earn Points


  • Michael C. 4 months ago
    I use them, and other paper trash to start the BBQ grill, instead of using lighter fluid, and I only cook with wood, from branches, and twigs off of our shade trees. It doesn't take much wood to cook hamburgers, and hotdogs, and steaks, and the ashes are used afterward in the garden, or mixed in with the weed tea, to make an exceptional organic fertilizer for the garden.
  • Rose L. 5 months ago
    never thought of composting paper plates and paper towels.
  • Andrew C. 10 months ago
    Sharon H, the paper towel industry fund all that anti-hand dryer PR and if you look at the details of the studies there is no real evidence of harmful germ spreading. Big business trying to make you buy a product that has a negative impact on the planet, where have we heard that before!
  • sharon h. 11 months ago
    I saw something recently about those loud dryers in bathrooms, which are thought to save paper but possibly spread germs and scare people with sensory disabilities. What is a good balance?
  • Maria C. 11 months ago
    thank you for the information.
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