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Paper Towels: Recyclable or Not? 5

By Recyclebank |
Do paper towels belong in your recycling container?

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  • Julie J. 8 days ago
    I didn't know you could compost paper towels? Can you compost the really used ones?
  • Sue C. 20 days ago
    Just as I thought. I don't recycle paper towel with regular recyclables. I do however; use it for the composting pile and choose to use unprinted paper towel so the inks don't end up in the compost as it breaks down over time. thank you for the post.
  • Marc R. 21 days ago
    Technically, the answer is "yes," but it would have to be a specialized recycling program, not curbside. I recall a few years ago using a restroom that had a special bin just for used paper towels for recycling. These towels had only been used to dry hands and, once dry, were just clean paper (no food/dirt/cleaning products). I would think that due to the already short fibers, their usefulness was limited to something like toilet paper. I'm not surprised this hasn't caught on. Better just to include these paper towels with dirty ones in compost.
  • Dana F. 21 days ago
  • Rocio C. 22 days ago
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