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  • Gail B. 7 months ago
    Soda boxes
  • Ron O. 8 months ago
    First question is NOT correct! It says which is usually made with recycled material, and the answer is TP and says TP is NOT recyclable!! The question should be what is NOT normally made with recycled content!! Seriously??!!
    • BenD@Recyclebank 8 months ago

      Toilet paper is almost always made with recycled paper content, and it is NOT recyclable once it's made into toilet paper. The answer is correct as it's written.

    • Betsey B. 1 month ago
      YOu are right, the question and the answer are not related in any way. And I do not believe that most toilet paper is made with recycled content, otherwise it would be all over the package.
  • Beth L. 9 months ago
  • Brianda B. 9 months ago
    I buy recycled paper made into drawing pads, most.
  • Heidy R. 9 months ago
    I love this app I’ve learned so much knowledge about recycling thanks so much
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