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Paper Contamination Trivia 25

By Recyclebank |

Test your paper-recycling contamination know-how with this short, fun quiz.

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  • Maria C. 3 days ago
    Children crayons drawings tricked me, I thought the wax from the crayons would be considered a contaminant. Great information. Thank you
  • Helen L. 13 days ago
    Can you recycle used food containers such as pizza boxes, coffee cups, ice cream boxes if you cut out all the greasy spots, seams, and wash and dry?
  • Martina M. 17 days ago
    The kids' crayon drawings one tricked me. Wouldn't the wax be considered a contaminant?
  • Ellen E. 19 days ago
    I got a couple of the answers wrong but had fun taking the quiz and learning the right answers.
  • Zak & Manda G. 21 days ago
    Why can't unused paper napkins be recycled?
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