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From renewable to nonrenewable, refined to natural—our energy resources come in many forms and fashions. Wanna know more? Take this quiz!

Updated On 08/08/2018 | Originally Published On 06/15/2015

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install home energy monitors
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Fossil fuels come from organic matter compressed in the earth for millions of years. Petroleum is one common example; what can it be used to make?
Solar energy is conducted using mirrored panels that capture the sunlight, and as such, it can only be used as a natural heating alternative.
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Conserving our energy resources is a hot topic around the world. Though petroleum and coal are today's biggest contenders, there are many others being developed in order to achieve greater sustainability. This quiz breaks down what we're doing now and what the future might hold!

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  • kelly b. 5 years ago
    I guess we learn something new everyday
  • TheConnoisseurOfClean-com C. 5 years ago
    A very interesting book is called Coal: A Human History, by Barbara Freese. Coal has been used for a very, very long time (unfortunately). This is a great book, and not very long (which makes it manageable if you're busy).
  • Sara T. 5 years ago
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  • Candice B. 5 years ago
    It's not crediting.
  • Autumn J. 5 years ago
    Having trouble getting the 25 points to activate on this one...
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