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Learn More About Municipal Recycling

By Recyclebank |

Learn more about municipal recycling with our friends at RTS and Sims, a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in New York City.

A Conversation with Sims Municipal Recycling from Recycle Track Systems on Vimeo.



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  • Mylinda E. 7 days ago
    I wish you had closed captioning. :-(
  • Anuj S. 11 days ago
    Excellent video.
  • Dawn H. 18 days ago
    Our city has a great recycle program. They make it so easy.
  • Janet L. 20 days ago
    Was a pretty long video, but very informative. Every city should be this efficient with their recycling programs..
  • Ann T. 24 days ago
    Should get a thousand points to watch that!!
    Too bad the points are not worth much. Except magazines.....ugh....more waste of paper!
    • Chris C. 24 days ago
      Ann, I try to get additional usage out of magazines by passing them on to friends that might enjoy them. I ask that, if possible, they do the same thing when they are finished. Also, I have heard of people donating magazines to nursing homes, thrift stores and even elementary schools, where kids can cut out pictures for collage-making. Worst case, you can always put them in the recycling bin when you are done with them. :-)
    • Audrey A. 24 days ago
      Right. Give me something for my points I can use, like a digital gift card or something free. Not a coupon code I could probably already find online.
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