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  • Cathy D. 1 month ago
    Wonder why I have so many done and I can't get new test questions
  • Roberta M. 9 months ago
    l need to finish this after work so perhaps she'll come back to "trash" later but in the first 10 minutes of category sorting, she neglected to mention that plastic bags can be recycled through soft plastic recycling programs. l don't live in NYC but l find it hard to believe that they don't have those programs. We also have several city and counties here that have compost programs. Those food soiled pizza boxes or Mc Donald's fry soaked bags can be composted! This wouldn't be a main focus for this video, but it would be highly beneficial to the environment to mention those programs exist and for viewers to look in their area to see if there are such programs. l was very disappointed.
  • Carolyn P. 11 months ago
    I was disappointed with the video. I was expecting a true video tour of the MRF showing how the recyclables move through it. The video was informative, but could have been made much more interesting!
  • Ken B. 1 year ago
    how sustainable is this operation? meaning making enough money to pay salaries, equipment and make enough money to keep it going.
    • Carolyn P. 11 months ago
      The way I have heard it explained, is that recycling operations don't HAVE to make money for a municipality -- They need only cost less than disposing of the same materials in a landfill, to be "profitable" for the municipality.
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