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Keep Old Tech Out of the Trash

Find an e-cycling location near you.

With the speed of innovation today, you can get your hands on the latest consumer tech faster than ever. Instead of letting your older devices pile up in the garage or end up in a landfill, you can find a certified e-cycling location near you. Just use CTA’s search tool to give your outdated devices a second life and pick up 5 points in the process.

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  • John O. 5 days ago
  • mary b. 25 days ago
    Keep old tech out of the trash: I've done it many times. It never gives the points and it stays in my "earn"! Help!
  • John O. 6 months ago
  • michael f. 1 year ago
    Been getting the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon for a few years now and they NEVER expire!!!
  • Melanie C. 1 year ago
    I ordered the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon twice. Both times the coupon never changed, I sent a ticket and they refund my points, but by that time they're "out" of coupons and tell me to order something else.
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