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Keep Old Tech Out of the Trash 5

Find an e-cycling location near you.

With the speed of innovation today, you can get your hands on the latest consumer tech faster than ever. Instead of letting your older devices pile up in the garage or end up in a landfill, you can find a certified e-cycling location near you. Just use CTA’s search tool to give your outdated devices a second life and pick up 5 points in the process.

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  • Kristan A. 1 month ago
    How do I get the points for this?
    • Daniele L. 1 month ago
      click the link, it wil open another page, enter your zip code to search locations, then scroll all the way down there's a box that says collect my points. I didn't know how to at first either
  • Dan C. 2 months ago
  • Michael and Sharon B. 2 months ago
    Thanks didn't know so many stores recycle electronics
  • michelle s. 3 months ago
    Best Buy charges to recycle some electronics, including microwaves ($25)
  • BARBARA W. 3 months ago
    We took our old computer tower to Staples to recycle it. The info we had read at the site led us to believe they were secure recyclers of electronics, but the manager asked if we wanted our hard drive because he could not guarantee what would happen to it after it was out of his hands. So I am confused -- is Staples a secure place to recycle electronics? The employees very nicely removed the hard drive for us and at least we got rid of the tower, but now we are stuck with this hard drive that I don't know how to recycle securely.
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