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  • Cindy H. 1 year ago
    I make a lot of people mad when I say this, but fashion is one of the most harmful industries all around. From water contamination in the countries manufacturing clothes, animal abuse including animal testing and non-recyclable make up containers to heels not only detrimental to health but also unnecessarily injure prone and make up harmful to skin, I don't understand why it escapes most of criticisms that other industries are facing because... it's fashion. They argue it's art and being different and themselves.... but is it really? Fashion relies heavily on trend and capitalism, and that by definition makes it hard for being different or themselves. Fashion industry for large part should go.
  • Karen K. 2 years ago
    It may not be the best, but I buy, on average, one new piece of clothing a year. The other few are good-quality rehomes from charities, and I don't plan to either rehome or dispose of them any time soon.
  • Lori S. 2 years ago
    Donating clothing is better than putting them in a landfill! Some places even sort and recycle natural fiber clothing to places that make rags or send clothing to countries where they have had disasters/wars and need clothing for refugees.
  • Sara T. 3 years ago
    The biggest problem I have is finding higher quality clothing that fits and that I can afford. Very Rare. I live in a rural area and the closest stores that sell clothing are wal mart (which I will not go to) and Shopko (I go to the 60%or more off racks). I do try and get my clothes from thrift stores and garage sales first. I work in outdoor recreation so I don't need to buy business clothes. Quality of clothes now is crap compared to the '80s. I had t-shirts from when I was in high school that lasted 20+ years. Now I'm lucky if they last 2. Jeans are a joke for fit and wear, but gotta have those for work.
  • Amy D. 3 years ago
    In some drug rehab programs there is a makeover day for some of the clients. They are shown how to dress professionally and given a hair cut (if they want). They are given a couple of work appropriate outfits and shoes. Some of them cry, because this means so much to them. So if you don't need it consider sending it to someone or a non profit that will GIVE it to someone.
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