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Is Donating Clothing A Good Way To Reduce Textile Waste? 5

By Recyclebank |

Textile manufacture requires tons of resources, so how can we reduce the waste from our clothes?


Many people do need clothes, so donation is better than sending clothes to the landfill, but donated clothing that goes overseas can adversely affect poor countries by disrupting their local culture and by undermining their local textile industries.

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  • Vyomesh P. 7 days ago
    Donating clothes to goodwill center helps other people buy them at very low price
  • ava o. 17 days ago
    We have a local second hand shop they depends on clothes that our community donates, to resell them. I even find good bargains!
  • Tammy E. 17 days ago
    They don't take into account that people may lose weight (or gain) or that kids grow. I think donating is an excellent way to reduce waste. Would they rather have you throw it out??? Not everything can last.
  • Felix G R. 17 days ago
    Donating clothes and furniture is excellent for tax purpose. I do send use clothes to my country for free to help other too.
  • the g. 20 days ago
    donating clothes is fun. people can always use something to freshen up there look. regardless, if it's a ham-me-down.
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