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In Honor Of Girl Scouts Day, Make Smart Glass Choices For A Smaller Footprint 25

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Girl Scouts care for nature. In honor of that tradition, learn about smarter shopping, better usage and alternative options for disposal of glass.

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You can lower the environmental impact that glass makes by buying less, shopping smarter, reusing more and recycling when and wherever possible.
Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or just doing the morning commute, bringing a drink in a reusable bottle helps cut down on glass waste.
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Nice job! This is just a starting point for all the ways you can limit the amount of glass you use and dispose of. If you know a Girl Scout, let them know how much their choices matter for the next generation of recyclers!

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Girl Scouts are known for encouraging environmental stewardship. In honor of that nature-loving spirit, here’s a short quiz to help you know more about the impact of glass, so you can confidently move forward toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

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  • Walt W. 26 days ago
    Very informational
  • Marilyn Z. 1 month ago
    VERY helpful site. Where I live we can recycle most items, including plastic film, but I try to ALWAYS have plenty of shopping bags handy so I don't get any plastic.

    I love the magazines. We read everyone and then sell them to the local book store or take them by the VA hospital.
    • Bev P. 25 days ago
      Personal thank you. Spending most of his final years at the VA with my dad your magazines saved my life. Idea. If you can spare your points send the reward magazine subscriptions to the VA residential care facilities
  • Naomi S. 1 month ago
    I enjoy learning how to recycling so I can pass the info down to my grandchildren.
  • Annette P. 1 month ago
    I always learn a lot when answering the questions
  • Don M. 1 month ago
    Sad to think but we all can learn from this
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