Live Green and Earn Points


  • Heather N. 5 months ago
    I am also shocked by the waste. So happy I found this site!
  • Colleen D. 5 months ago
    I’m shocked how much is wasted.
  • Carrole E. 6 months ago
    Simple advise to use as a guide. I am only comfortable going to a very small-family owned Restaurant my family has gone to for over 20 years. We eat outside or take out. We still need to be safe for ourselves and others. Even in Covid-19 to waste is just not the way we should go.
  • Kathy G. 7 months ago
    we limit eating out to special occasions and order smaller meals that we can finish
  • Patricia G. 8 months ago
    We haven't gone out to eat in years. We take turns cooking at our house so everybody gets what they want to eat.
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