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How To Reduce Restaurant Takeout Waste

By Recyclebank |

Since we're all relying on takeout food more than ever, here are some great tips on how to cut down on what gets sent to a landfill.

How to Reduce Restaurant Takeout Waste from Recycle Track Systems on Vimeo.



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  • Patricia G. 3 days ago
    We haven't gone out to eat in years. We take turns cooking at our house so everybody gets what they want to eat.
  • Chris G. 3 days ago
    We don't eat out so problem solved. We were not raised to eat out so we don't miss it. My mother was a wonderful cook and she taught all of us to cook. If we crave something I just google how to cook it and cook it. It is to scary to eat out during this time. I used to eat out once or twice a year for birthdays but mostly we had a BBQ at home for everybody cause they loved eating at our house. There are to many eating establishments in my opinion anyway.
  • Eleftheria F. 19 days ago
    Great tips for supporting businesses and reducing waste.
  • Donna L. 1 month ago
    Nice to see some information that addresses Covid-19!
  • Sabra M. 1 month ago
    Zero waste cooking is the way to go! Thanks for drawing attention to the practice.
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