Live Green and Earn Points


  • Colleen D. 5 days ago
    I’m shocked how much is wasted.
  • Carrole E. 29 days ago
    Simple advise to use as a guide. I am only comfortable going to a very small-family owned Restaurant my family has gone to for over 20 years. We eat outside or take out. We still need to be safe for ourselves and others. Even in Covid-19 to waste is just not the way we should go.
  • Kathy G. 1 month ago
    we limit eating out to special occasions and order smaller meals that we can finish
  • Patricia G. 2 months ago
    We haven't gone out to eat in years. We take turns cooking at our house so everybody gets what they want to eat.
  • Chris G. 2 months ago
    We don't eat out so problem solved. We were not raised to eat out so we don't miss it. My mother was a wonderful cook and she taught all of us to cook. If we crave something I just google how to cook it and cook it. It is to scary to eat out during this time. I used to eat out once or twice a year for birthdays but mostly we had a BBQ at home for everybody cause they loved eating at our house. There are to many eating establishments in my opinion anyway.
    • Glenda G. 2 months ago
      Definitely agree with you. We haven't been to a restaurant since March 13 before the lock down began locally. Not about to start now since numbers are up!
    • Chris G. 2 months ago
      It would be so irresponsible to eat out right now. Besides us catching the virus we subject our friends and family to the chance too. I feel sorry for the businesses but not enough to take the chance of catching it. People need to understand they are not the only one that can catch it. Everybody we know can catch it if we get it.
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