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How To Cut Down On Your GHG Footprint

We can’t take out any of the GHGs that are currently in the atmosphere, but we can help avoid sending more up there by changing up our routines.

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each donate one item of clothing so that someone else doesn't have to buy new
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Just like losing weight starts with getting on a scale, measuring your GHG footprint helps you create a baseline, set goals and make a plan of action.
Are there more energy-efficient ways to get to the grocery store than driving yourself?
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Nice job! These are just some of the basics, so if you have any other great ideas on lowering your footprint, share them with the Recyclebank community in the comments below.

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We can all work together to help slow the rate of climate change by reducing how many GHGs we’re responsible for. Learn about GHG footprints and how to make small, incremental changes that can be transformative over time.

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  • wayne w. 2 years ago
    The more I know concerning the wealth and health of Earth the more I become wealthier and healthier. Through saving money, walking more , eating foods from my garden and from the Earth. Living mindfully about my daily life choices. Yes, living happily simply.
  • irina r. 3 years ago
    Good thinking
  • LUANNA P. 4 years ago
    This Ties in with the minimalist lifestyle . It motivates me to round up clothing that can be donated.
  • Kristen A. 4 years ago
  • Elizabeth D. 4 years ago
    Thanks to this web, after answer question about GHG facts, I know now GHG stands for Greenhouse Gases. In addition, with more reading else, I leaned the atmosphere of the GHG consist of CO2, H20, Vapor, Ozone, Nitrous Oxide, and Methane.
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