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How Much Does Metal Matter? 25

Metal is responsible for so much of how we live, work, and play, but are we being responsible about how we use it?

Updated On 06/29/2017 | Originally Published On 05/20/2015

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Weighing in at more than 23 million tons, disposed metals made up 9% of the total municipal waste stream in the US
Metal cans are used for packaging food and other items mainly because their shininess stands out on the shelves.
Mining for new materials can be more energy efficient than sending used metal through the recycling process.
There’s big economic opportunity in metal recycling. In fact, the aluminum industry pays out more than $800 million a year for recycled cans.
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More than 100,000 aluminum cans are recycled each minute in the US. That’s a lot of metal, but considering how much metal is actually being produced each year, we can bring this number up even more! Learn more about the effects of mining, producing, and recycling common metals. Take the quiz!

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  • Linnea J. 1 day ago
    J J. There is no organized recycling in my community. I wish our leaders could understand how important it is.
  • Sue C. 2 days ago
    I recycle all aluminum cans used whether through local pick up or through the bottle machines at the local supermarkets. I believe every bit helps and if an item can be recycled some effort should be made if at all possible.
  • mary m. 3 days ago
    I can't compost, so is it better to throw my food waste in the garbage of down the disposal
  • Timothy V. 4 days ago
    I recycle all aluminum cans deposit or not no deposit still pays you .30 cents a pound
    • Sam B. 1 day ago
      Back in April, our local recycler paid me 75 cents per pound for cans. the price can vary by location and by time of year.
  • Selenia A. 4 days ago
    Site always have great info.
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