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How Does Water Reach Us?

You turn the tap and — voila! — there’s water. But where does it come from and how does it get there? You’re about to find out.

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Complete this quiz to find out what the impact would be.
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Water is taken from wherever it accumulates in a local watershed (like a river, lake, or reservoir) and is sent to a treatment facility.
Unless you get your tap water from a private well, your tap water should be as safe as bottled water.
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Nice job! With all the work that goes into making sure your fresh water is clean and safe, we should make sure we use it responsibly. What are you favorite ways to make sure you’re conserving water?

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We get our water from all sorts of sources, and most of them get treated before reaching us. After taking this short quiz, you’ll see how municipal water systems bring the water to you.

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  • mary b. 3 years ago
    I use a brita pitcher that has a charcoal filter. I also use a Contigo water bottle and filler up!
  • MariaL C. 4 years ago
    water is indeed a very valuable resource to take care of, and needed for every living organism to survive
  • roslind C. 4 years ago
    All I use in my home is bottle water.
  • Johna D. 4 years ago
    We have a well, better tasting than any bottled water!
  • Samara M. 4 years ago
    I live in Florida and there is no way that the tap water is regulated like bottled water.
    • Brian B. 4 years ago
      The Safe Drinking Water Act requires the EPA have more stringent oversight/testing than anything the FDA requires for bottled water, which is actually just bottled tap water 50% of the time. Bottled water also comes wrapped in cancer-causing petrochemicals ...
    • Samara M. 4 years ago
      Tell that to Flint Michigan.
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