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Greenhouse-Gas Emissions And Food Choices 25

By Recyclebank |

The food available to us, and how we choose to eat, makes a big environmental impact.


Sources: Science Daily, The Guardian, ReFED, Institute For Local Self-Reliance

What changes have you made to your food choices to reduce environmental damage? Share in the comments below!

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  • camille M. 1 month ago
    I have been very conscious about how much food (waste) I throw away. It is easier to get rid of in compost in the summer/spring/fall but winter is hard in WI. Anyone have an easy winter compost that is not indoors? Cooks on cooking shows are unnerving.
    Eating a whole apple (only leave the stem & seeds). I eat zero meat/dairy/eggs, etc. My husband still drinks milk, cheese, and eggs though. Cheese is always local, not sure about the other things though.
    Every little bit helps, right?
  • Lisa T. 1 month ago
    I had no idea there was that much food waste. Definitely eye opening!
  • Annette J. 1 month ago
    Oh and I did started eating bison
  • Annette J. 1 month ago
    Well I have changed the way I eat and it's more vegetables fish and chicken I do eat pork but little beef hard to digest and I feel better
  • Gerry H. 1 month ago
    We only eat chicken, wide caught fish and some turkey.
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