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  • dona e. 1 year ago
    I bought a binder from Office Depot today made from 100 % recycled plastic! This made me very happy!!!
  • Terri Brodfuehrer A. 1 year ago
    We here in San Antonio have large green compost "recycling" cans.. paper plates, paper towels, food and scraps, pizza boxes, along with yard trimmings, etc., can all go into it.
  • Glenda F. 1 year ago
    I am still unsure about paper to go coffee cups.
  • Heather B. 1 year ago
    What about stickers on paper envelopes or on paper? Or foil printing? Glitter on cards or paper? Do these things render the paper unrecyclable?
    • Leezel L. 1 year ago
      I believe glitter on paper is a contaminant. I feel best to leave it out, in my humble opinion.
    • Heather B. 1 year ago
      Thanks for your thoughts. I wish the U.S. would ban glitter. It’s bad enough that it gets all over your hands and your living environment, but now its showing up in waterways. Little plastic particles that serve no useful purpose, can’t be recycled, and add to the humongous amount of pollution we already struggle with.
  • John W. 2 years ago
    TV ads here are saying shredded paper isn't recyclable because the loose shreds are difficult/impossible to separate or they fall through and gum up the conveyor system. However, I checked with American Waste Control's feed Mr. Murph program. I learned that recycled paper can be recycled if it is placed in a clear bag (the bigger, the better to make it easier for workers to spot) so that workers can recognize it and manually dump the paper in the processing bin. We don't yet have curbside recycling, but are testing two different approaches simultaneously in different areas of the city.
    • BenD@Recyclebank 2 years ago

      Whether shredded paper is recyclable curbside depends on your hauler, so be sure to check with them beforehand.

    • Leezel L. 1 year ago
      You can also try giving the shreds to someone who composts and see if they'll take it. It's always best to be considerate and leave out plastic bits like envelope glassine and glossy paper.
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