Live Green and Earn Points


  • Michelle S. 6 days ago
    wire hangers
  • Charles I. 25 days ago
    Maria I. I am really going to miss the points. I have been reading magazines since the program started.
  • Pamela G. 1 month ago
    I work in people's home and I cannot tell you how many don't clean out their containers, put the wrong things in with the recycling. I tell them to share my info but they just keep on contaminating the recycling chain. Some cannot even be bothered to recycle. It should be mandatory. Sad. Especially plastic bags.
  • Peggy La P. 2 months ago
    A toaster is not e-waste but rather a small appliance or perhaps a misc electronic. E waste is considered TV, computer, laptop, etc
  • Peggy La P. 2 months ago
    A steel pot is accepted curbside in Portland, OR
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