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Getting Back To Basics With Metal Recycling

By Recyclebank |

Time to review what types of metal are and aren’t recyclable curbside. Check it out and see how much you know!

Which metal item is NOT accepted for curbside recycling?
Cooking pots, cooking sheets, and metal utensils are considered scrap metal and are not accepted for recycling.
  • Aluminum can
  • Steel can
  • Steel cooking pot
A metal container has food residue on it. What needs to be done before putting the container in the recycle?
Food residue contaminates paper recycling and creates problems at sorting centers (MRFs). Be sure to clean and dry all your recyclable containers.
  • Nothing. It can go in the recycle with some food residue
  • Clean thoroughly and dry
  • Nothing. It must be put in the garbage
How much energy can be saved by recycling aluminum?
Saving energy by recycling aluminum reduces greenhouse gases!
  • About 50 percent
  • About 90 percent
  • About 30 percent
Is a metal toaster recyclable curbside?
Toasters are e-waste, and therefore must be taken to an e-waste drop-off in order to be properly disposed of.
  • Yes
  • No
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