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  • Laura S. 5 months ago
    Where do I take my old phones to be recycled? I have two old flip phones.
  • Glenda F. 6 months ago
    I will consider buying a refurbished phone.
  • Shenell B. 6 months ago
    I will start with dvd and blu ray disc players I no longer use.
  • Mary Jo E. 7 months ago
    Groupon regularly sells refurbished phones. Check there to get a much lower price than buying new. I bought a refurbished iPhone 8 and am very happy with it. (I leapfrogged from a 4s (!) to an 8.) No need to upgrade with every model.
  • Alexandra M. 9 months ago
    I sell my old phones for very cheap to people that might want to refurbish or use parts.
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