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Get Prepped For Holiday E-Cycling 25

By Recyclebank |

It’s that time of year: When upgrades are gifted and we decide what to do with our old tech. Learn why e-cycling is the thing to do and how it’s done.

Get Prepped For Holiday E-Cycling
Great work! Understanding how the process works is half the battle—and now that you’re all in-the-know, you can take the right steps to e-cycle your appliances. What will you start with? Chat it up below.
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  • William R. 5 days ago
    Just being more aware and buying refurbished items and recycling appliances.
  • Heather S. 9 days ago
    I’m not 100% sure, but I think you can do a factory reset on most phones to erase all personal info.
  • Francis G. 24 days ago
    i buy pc parts from schools! they upgrade their equipment often that most items are still in really good condition, just need some dusting and light cleaning!
  • vernyce d. 29 days ago
    we usually buy refurbed cell phones and computers - they're not entirely the most recent release, but the savings and the ecology match our values well
  • Gene L. 1 month ago
    ecoATM is a great way to recycle old phones and tablets. is the website.
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