Live Green and Earn Points


  • Mary W. 15 days ago
    Have been composting for YEARS, but am always happy to learn the important facts you share so that I can pass them on to others who need some additional education to take that important next step! THANKS!
  • K A. 21 days ago
    Fascinated that "composting sustains 2x more jobs than landfilling"
    Thank you for inspiring me to do more research on this!
  • Katie K. 23 days ago
    I didnt know alot of that
  • Heather B. 1 month ago
    Hard to want to compost yard waste when your clueless neighbors use lawn pesticides and their toxin-covered grass cuttings, leaves, etc. blow onto your property.
    • K A. 21 days ago
      It's still a step forward for sequestering carbon! If you and/or your family have allergies or health concerns, it may be worth having a sit-down with your neighbors to explain the effect their choices have on your medical bills, now and in the future.
  • maria c. 3 months ago
    So impressed
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