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Fun Facts About Plastic 5

By Recyclebank |

What is plastic made of? What plastics can be recycled? How much plastic gets recycled?

One great reason to recycle plastic products is that virgin plastics come from petrolium oil, which requires significantly more resources to extract from the earth than the resources needed to recycle plastic materials that already exist.

Another great reason to recycle plastic is that doing so keeps these valuable materials in the economy rather than being lost to a landfill.

Finally, recycling plastic keeps it out of the natural environment where it would otherwise contaminate waterways and harm wildlife all the way up the food chain to human beings.

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  • Tracey L. 18 days ago
    This is fun and I get rewards for doing this!
    • jeff s. 9 days ago
      Fun and rewarding. Cant go wrong Tracey. When I'm done with all the good magazines I get, I take them to a local Veterans Hospital. They really appreciate them and they recycle them thereafter. Win-win.
  • Floyd G. 23 days ago
    We recycle plastic lids all the time knowing that it can help the recycling process for plastic.
  • Eric H. 26 days ago
    9.5% for the US is pathetic